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30 novembre – Two interesting updates for investing in Italy

It’s Monday so It’s time to have our little talk about the most recent legal news.
Today I want to talk about two updates for investing in Italy; in fact there have been some positive changes. A company should be aware of them in order to find opportunities.

Investing in Italy, for foreigners, may not always be so attractive, which is why the news making the economic framework more certain and more effective should be spread.
On the one hand, with regard to value added tax obligations, it was known that foreign companies had to appoint a tax representative in Italy.
Since July 2020, according to the Italian Inland Revenue, they can register directly, saving time and money. However, these must be foreign entities based in the EU or in a third country, which has agreements with the EU, so as to ensure compliance with the fundamental rules on economic matters. 
Another good news is the transposition of the EU Directive 1852/2017, which was approved by the Italian parliament last summer.
In order to give more certainty to foreign operators on which taxes and duties to pay in Italy, in the future tax disputes will have to be settled in an arbitration procedure. The dispute can last a maximum of two years, exceptionally extendable for one more year. No more endless proceedings before national courts, but a procedure that is concluded within a reasonable time frame.
Moreover, other instruments are also being set up with this new law to speed up the process even further, such as the establishment of an Alternative Dispute Resolution Commission, which will issue an opinion within six months. 
Although its decision is not final and generally binding, it will already be indicative enough to allow companies wishing to invest in Italy to consider how to move forward in the future.





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