Q&A: How UK adopts EU laws

Much of UK law derives from EU legislation, or is inspired by it. Critics of EU institutions sometimes speak of "Brussels diktat", while supporters of integration argue that having common rules makes life easier for EU citizens. Here Timothy Jones, Read More


Bare ownership and mortgage loan annuity One of the hottest current issues is definitely the intergenerational conflict. It is well known that in our society are the elderly who usually have more money, at the expense of younger people, who Read More


- LEGISLATIVE DECREE 15 February 2016 , n . 30 - Finally just published in the Italian Official Gazette a long-awaited measure. From now on common rules shall apply all over Europe: no more risks for those with money in the bank, at least Read More

Compulsory DNA samples taking on arrest : would George Orwell had expected this measure?

As genetic technology comes in handy to justice The Council of Ministers n. 109 approved the implementing regulations of Law 85/2009 . This means a genetic data bank will keep the files of all arrestees. Recording will last thirty years . If Read More

The demise of the “postal certain date"!

Everything changes and after many years also the "postal certain date" will soon no longer exist. But what is this "certain date"? It is an Italian only issue, so typical that foreigners open their eyes wide when they hear these Read More

CIVIL UNIONS? Yes, but also much more.

Unitl May of this year there was only marriage for heterosexual couples. For cohabiting couples of all sexual orientation and for same sex couples in fact, of all sexual orientations, there was no protection and no rights. Finally the historical Read More

“PRIVACY” LAW will change as well as the related right to be forgotten

For the better, but not right away. As we all know, since a few some years there are precise rules on privacy (Legislative Decree 30 June 2003, n. 196), and often we hear that something "must be done for the" Read More


Fortunately continues to increase the use of technology in the judicial proceedings. Until now in all civil proceedings the lawyer had to attend the hearing in person, even if they are very far away from its office. This used to Read More
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